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Pioneer XDJ-700 DJ USB Atskaņotājs

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Pioneer XDJ-700 offers DJs and venues unparalleled set-up possibilities. Its compact size and removable stand means it's perfect for even the smallest booth or home set-up. It’s the first player at this price to feature Pro DJ Link – allowing you to share one source with up to four players or laptops. Tracks can be loaded via USB or Wi-Fi to give you even more choice.

The XDJ-700 is packed with the best features of the XDJ-1000, including Hot Cues, auto loops, Slip Mode and Beat Sync. The large, full-colour LCD screen gives you intuitive access to all the player’s features and faster browsing through a QWERTY keyboard word search. You can prepare your sets in rekordbox (Mac/PC) or the rekordbox app (iOS/Android) and the screen will display crucial information including wave display, beat countdown, phase meter and Key Analysis.

Large full-colour LCD touchscreen and fast track selection
A 7-inch, full-colour touchscreen gives you intuitive control of the player’s features, while the three windows – browse, play and perform – stop the screen from getting overcrowded. Browsing is effortless; you can choose to scroll using the rotary dial or call up the QWERTY keyboard to do a keyword search.

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Power Cord
Rekordbox Software

CD Player
USB Player
Atskaņošanas Iekārtas MP3, USB
Izmēri 30.8 x 23.8 x 10.6 cm
Svars 2 kg