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Sennheiser HD 620S

Bez PVN: 288,43 €
349,00 €
Jauna Prece. Pirmā piegāde 2024-06
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Who says closed-back headphones can’t sound that open? The closed-back HD 620S is for audio enthusiasts seeking a distraction-free listening experience without compromising on natural, airy and detailed sound. Featuring a remarkably open baffle and angled transducers, it replicates the spatial imaging of loudspeakers while keeping listening sessions secluded.

Enjoy undisturbed privacy while listening to exceptional open, natural sound

Wish your surroundings were more suitable for enjoying long listening sessions? Well, now you no longer have to trade an impressive soundstage for privacy. The HD 620S lets you experience detailed, spacious sound like never before in closed-back headphones. The stainless-steel reinforced ear cup covers not only add timeless appeal to this masterpiece; they also provide a private listening session regardless of your surroundings. So if you’re more into sofa concerts than kitchen talks, the new HD 620S offers you a distraction-free listening experience with true-to-life vocals, letting you relive spectacular live moments without compromising on natural, airy sound.


Open sound in a closed-back design

The HD 620S combines the DNA of the HD 600 and 500 series, bringing the best of both headphone families to a closed chassis. Sennheiser’s HD 600 series has long been the standard for natural tone, thanks to our dedication to continuously improving the open-back concept. The 500 series introduced later offers a soundstage that immerses listeners in their music. The distinctive DNA combination of these two series lets the HD 620 excel where many closed headphones struggle, preserving the detailed, smooth sound the 600 series is known for. Our reference-grade 42 mm angled transducers with 38 mm diaphragm and ultra-light 150-ohm aluminum voice coil deliver exceptional impulse response, expanding the stereo image to an almost panoramic soundstage.

That’s not only uniquely rare for a closed-back design; it will switch your understanding of closed-back headphone sound.


No matter whether all day, all week or all year

The HD 620S chassis is lightweight yet familiar, bolstered by premium touches that will deliver its unique acoustic signature for years to come. The robust, steel-reinforced headband sliders and ear cup covers add timeless appeal and long-term durability to a silhouette sculpted for all-day wearing comfort. Spacious ear cup covers and the supple ear pads made from artificial leather not only offer superb acoustic isolation, but also add a comfortable touch thanks to internal venting.


Your passion knows no boundaries. Why should your headphones?

With the HD 620S, you can stay in the same room without compromising on privacy. Even better: without compromising on natural, expansive sound. Imagine hearing every nuance from every direction without any disturbance. No matter if you love gaming, amateur music production, or simply listening to exceptionally good audio, the HD 620S takes your passion to the next level and boosts your emotional experience. So, if you’re looking for spatial awareness and extraordinary detail retrieval, there’s no need to wait. It’s your time to switch to the new HD 620S.

Galvenās funkcijas
  • Closed-back headphones with steel-reinforced ear cup covers for distraction-free listening sessions
  • Reference-grade 42 mm angled transducers with 38 mm diaphragm deliver speaker-like imaging with natural detail retrieval and expansive soundstage
  • Ultra-light 150-ohm aluminum voice coil for enhanced clarity and accuracy in audio reproduction
  • Lightweight chassis with steel-reinforced headband sliders and artificial leather arpads with internal venting for long-term durability and all-day comfort
Kas lācītim vēderā?
  • Sennheiser HD 620S
  • 1.8 m cable with 3.5 mm plug, 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter
Style Over-ear
Headphones Type Bluetooth
Open / Closed Slēgtās
Frekvenču Diapazons 6 - 30 000 Hz
Pretestība 150 Ω
Jutība <0.05% (1 kHz / 90 dB SPL)
Headphones Mic
Maksimālā Ieejas Jauda 105 dB (1 kHz / 1 Vrms)
Headphone Features Foldable
Svars 326 g
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