Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 EDU

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  1. Jaunums: Steinberg Cubase 10

Please Note: This education edition is only available to students and teachers at recognised educational establishments. Proof of status is required to purchase this product.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 is the most comprehensive version of Cubase 10, providing a wide range of exclusive audio tools, effects and virtual instruments.

Cubase has long been one of the most popular DAWs on the market, thanks to its intuitive digital interface and its innovative audio editing. Cubase 10 builds on previous version with a range of new features including a redesigned Channel Strip, MixConsole Snapshots, Latency Monitor and support for 32-bit/64-bit float audio formats.

Cubase Pro 10 also comes complete with 5GB of premium-grade loops and sounds from some of the most revered music producers in the world. With a range of new features, instruments and enhancements, Cubase 10 is ideal for musicians and audio professionals alike.

Award-Winning Music Production Software
Cubase has long been a keystone in the music production world. It is revered for its innovative sequencing, editing and mixing abilities. Previous versions have gained Steinberg a wide range of awards and accolades, further cementing its reputation as one of the most versatile and powerful DAWs on the market.

Cubase 10 provides a variety of new enhancements, effects and virtual instruments; expanding its ever-growing arsenal of audio tools. A range of tools are exclusive to the Pro version including: VariAudio 3, MixConsole Snapshots, Audio Alignment, AAF support, ARA support, Steinberg Virtual Reality production suite and improved editing for video soundtrack production.

The highly intuitive interface allows you to compose, record, edit and mix songs with ease. You can record instruments, vocals, ensembles or soloists and produce the perfect take every time.

Revised Channel Strip
One of the most prominent new features is the redesigned Channel Strip. The channel strip is the most important element when it comes to mixing and editing audio. The new and improved design is more ergonomic, providing a quicker workflow. It also extends the Channel Strip’s functionality, providing new metering elements and direct visual feedback of each module.

For instance, you can view the VU meter for certain plugins, as well as the frequency range of an EQ module. This can greatly aid in mixing, allowing you to see your changes and module settings at a glance. It also includes controls from the module on the channel strip, allowing you to make quick and easy changes without having to pull up the full plugin/module.

VariAudio 3
VariAudio is the ultimate audio-editing and pitch correction tool. Previous version of VariAudio have revolutionised the way audio professionals interact with vocal recordings. It provides the means to edit pitch, correct time and intonation of notes, within monophonic vocal recordings. The in-depth tools in provides allows you to utilise subtle pitch correction that will optimise sung vocals.

VariAudio 3 now includes Smart Controls, designed to speed up your workflow. It provides direct control of all parameters at each segment for quick and easy changes. It allows you to edit the micro pitch level for smooth drifts and transitions. You can also adjust the formant shift, compensating the digital editing to create natural tones.

Save and Recall with MixConsole Snapshots
You can now create alternate mixes with ease, thanks to the new MixConsole Snapshots. This new tool allows you to save your current mix within a tab in the MixConsole. This allows you to create multiple mixes and save them for instant recall. You can even annotate your Snapshot, and even choose to recall certain EQ settings or individual tracks. This is a great tool for mixing, allowing you to create different mixes on the fly.

Match Recording with Audio Alignment
Audio Alignment eliminates the tedious process of manually cutting and matching vocals. It allows you to sync multiple stacked vocal recordings, matching them automatically. It works by incorporating a reference track and matching the multiple tracks to the reference with correct timing.

5GB of Brand-New Sound Content
Cubase Pro 10 comes complete with 5GB of fresh sound content comprised of one-shots, loops, samples and more. The new sound content is split into six different groups: Analog Techno, Soul Assembly, Raw Ambience, Mystic Spaces, Block Buster and Hip Hop Vault. These sounds and loops have been hand-picked by some of the most popular producers within their genre. The sound content is created by Florian Meindl, Soul Surplus, RawTekk, Ferdinand Forsch, Allen Morgan and hip-hop producer Beat Butcha.

The genre-spanning sounds and loops have been meticulously crafted, providing a diverse range of sounds. The content spans Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Techno, Soul, Ambient and even sounds for audio/visual work.

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