Roland Boutique SH-01A Analogais Sintezators (Grey)

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Roland Boutique K-25m
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The Roland SH-01A is the latest addition to the Boutique range from Roland. The SH-01A is a faithful reproduction of the now classic SH-101 synthesizer module from the late 80s. Using Roland's Analog Circuit Behaviour technology, the SH-01A recreates the same behaviours, tones and sounds from the oscillator and envelopes for truly vintage-style synthesis. It now includes a new polyphonic mode accompanied by unison and chord modes for expansive sound creation capabilities. The SH-01A Synth Module also boasts a 100-step sequencer with 64 sequence patterns, allowing you to create complex rhythms on the fly. The compact design features a built-in speaker and can be powered by batteries for optimal portability.

Based On The Roland SH-101 The Roland SH-01A Sound Module is the latest addition to the Roland Boutique range, providing a faithful recreation of the now classic SH-101 synthesizer. The SH-01A recreates the monophonic powerhouse in a compact and highly portable module unit. The SH-101 Synthesizer was one of the most iconic analog synths from the 80s. It delivered a unique and powerful sound that Roland have recreated in immense detail, keeping faithful to the oscillator, filter and envelope behaviours with extreme accuracy. The original was used to create some of the most powerful sounds heard in the music industry from fat basslines to crunchy leads and innovative sound FX. Monophonic & Polyphonic Modes This faithful recreation uses Roland’s Analog Circuit Behaviour technology to achieve the same sonic details and behaviours of the original with extreme accuracy. The result is a modern-day powerhouse that can be taken with you anywhere you go, ideal for live performers who want a touch of the vintage sound within their performances. The same sound and tones have been recreated to bring it the forefront of the synthesis world once again. The most unique update to the design is the ability to switch between Mono and Polyphonic modes. In Mono Mode, the SH-01A acts virtually the same as the original for versatile sound creation capabilities. The Polyphonic mode allows you to play four notes simultaneously, ideal for creating chords and pads and other multi-note sounds. The most unique feature is the Unison mode which allows you to layer four voices together, creating powerful sounds on the fly. Step Sequencer & Memory Locations One of the most useful features incorporated into the new design is the onboard 100-step sequencer. The 100-step sequencer was found on the original module, but now features the ability to save and recall 64 sequence patterns for added versatility. The step sequencer can be used to create complex rhythms and patterns on the fly, allowing you to adjust your parameters with ease thanks to the precision analog controls. As well as the sequencer memory, the SH-01A also includes 64 patch memories for storing sounds you have created as well as tweaked sounds from the original bank. Compact Design & Connectivity The Roland SH-101 Synth Module is highly compact and portable, making it ideal for live performances. The compact design will easily fit within a backpack, allowing you to transport your module with ease. It also features a built-in speaker for monitoring sound on the go. The module can run on either USB bus power or can be powered by batteries for ultimate portability. Additionally, you can combine the unit with the optional K-25m Keyboard unit to create an all-in-one synthesizer with 25 velocity-sensitive keys.

Galvenās funkcijas
  • Compact reproduction of the Roland SH-101
  • Faithfully recreated for powerful analog synthesis
  • New polyphonic mode
  • New performance features including expanded sequencer
  • 100-step sequencer with 64 sequence patterns
  • Sequencer can be used to control modular synths
  • Accurate recreation using Roland’s Analog Circuit Behaviour (ACB technology)
  • Polyphonic, Mono, Unison & Chord mode
  • Ideal for creating fat basses, crunchy leads and more
  • Built-in speaker for mobile use
  • Can be powered via USB bus power or batteries
  • CV/Gate, MIDI and USB connectivity

Product instruction

Tips Analog Digital
Polifonija Polyphonic
Galvenās funkcijas Sequencer, Arpeggiator, CV/gate, Oscillator
Izmēri 30 x 12.8 x 4.6 cm
Svars 965 g