Native Instruments Komplete 12 EDU (5 Licence Keys)

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This version of Komplete 12 is a multiseat 5 user licence for use by Schools and Educational establishments Only.

Native Instruments Komplete is an industry leading suite of music production tools and massively editable instruments for lush sounding soundscapes, epic theme tunes, fat beat drops and everything in between. Whatever style you're into, Komplete gives you a vast palette to create the music you want with gorgeous looks and intuitive controls.

Now in its 12th Generation, the Komplete offering just gets bigger and better with every new release. It's easy to see why so many professional composers and producers see Komplete as the obvious option.

Komplete is now available in 3 distinct options to suit your setup. Komplete Select, Komplete Standard and Komplete Ultimate, offer 3 fantastic collections to suit your needs and budget, Whether you're looking for a select few instruments and effects, or want a massive library of different tones and timbres to call upon when creating your music

One Completely new feature for Komplete 12 is a brand new synth called Form. This hybrid synth perfectly combines elements of sampling and synthesis so you can create your own unique textures and timbres as an effect, a pad or a completely new instrument. You'l2 find this new feature in both Standard and Ultimate packages of komplete

Komplete Ultimate features 87 products, over 18.000 sounds, and over 500 GB of instruments and effects; Offering the widest possible range of cutting edge music and production tools covering the entire music production lifecycle from sound design, scoring, and producing to mixing, mastering, and live performance

The Ultimate package gives you a vast library of instruments and effects, enabling you to create the music you want, exactly the way you want it. Compared to Komplete Standard, you get more of everything! More synth instruments, more drums and percussion, more acoustic pianos, more studio effects.

However, the main pull of the Ultimate bundle is the sheer scope and variety of tones, textures and timbres that are on offer. The World instruments section is much bigger and includes a whole balinese gamelan and Cuban instrument collection. The Orchestral element is also much bigger, including more in-depth "pro" versions of the Session Strings and Session Horns, plus a symphony essentials collection that's brand new to Komplete Ultimate 12. There's also a wider range of Creative cinematic instruments effects to make other worldly textures and pads to add depth and emotion to your music. This includes Damage so that you can create epic percussion tracks and Evolve which gives you rich textures for classic CSI suspense or a booming bass.