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The Elysia MUSEQ is an elite analogue EQ offering premium sound shaping capabilities with optimally matched parameters that gets you great musical results easily. MUSEQ is equipped with special features including resonance high and low pass filters, a parallel filter design, warm mode and boost/cut modes. With the Elysia MUSEQ you'll nail every surgical EQ procedure to get sonic width, depth and openness, sweetening up any material you shove through it.

Truly Musical EQ
MUSEQ takes a puristic design approach with its filter stages, resulting in a truly musical EQ. With active filter stages without any inductors, and a layout composed of only six transistors, two capacitors and the resistor that determines the frequency, this circuitry means that the bandpass operates without any feedback for a musical sound. On top of this, the MUSEQ produces nothing but outstanding sound quality. The current feedback amplifiers are optimised for a top notch impulse response and operate completely without any additional capacitors, which would usually be inserted to eliminate high frequency oscillation, but with the cost of affecting the frequency response. The result is an amplifier which sounds natural, open, dynamic and transparent.

Resonance High & Low Pass Filters
The Elysia MUSEQ gives you the flexibility to tweak your sound. Its outer shelving filters can be switched between high and low-pass filters that also feature an additional resonance peak at the knee frequency, providing a very useful specialty. These shelve filters, on their own, are sweet-sounding and they can be used to add some air and fundamentals to your tracks easily and efficiently. What’s special about these is that you can also independently switch them to become low and high-cut filters with 12dB per octave slope with an additional resonance peak, providing some useful filter curves. Lower frequencies can be made punchier and cleaner by using a low cut with resonance. However, resonance can also be used to stretch signals in the bass range because the resonance filter causes a longer post-oscillation time. For higher frequencies, you can use that resonance filter to put an accent on a selected frequency without completely boosting the whole high frequency spectrum and causing harshness.

Surgical Precision
The MUSEQ is here for all your surgical needs. Filter quality can be switched between wide and narrow Q factors, allowing you to go in deep with your EQ and precisely cut or boost frequencies to enhance your sound. Another cool feature is that you can use the high and low-pass filters whilst leaving the high and middle frequencies completely untouched. The mid and high frequencies aren’t affected by the filter so they don’t change the sound, meaning only the bass frequency area is processed by the filter whilst the entire signal remains open and transparent. Additionally, all these settings can be easily recalled thanks to the stepped potentiometers.

Colour Your Sound
The MUSEQ has a range of options that allow you to a some tasty colouration to your sound. The MUSEQ features a warm mode that lets you switch up the sound flavour by altering its frequency spectrum, harmonics and transient response. Fast transients are slowed down making them appear rounder and glued. By having this function, the MUSEQ offers both powerful transparency of the class-A circuitry and a saturated richness of the warm mode. MUSEQ also features a boost/cut switch which generates twice the number of values to be set with the 23 step potentiometers than the usual -/0/+ arrangement. You can switch this on for each band, resulting in the resolution of the stepped potentiometers to be doubled.

Discrete Circuitry For Optimal Audio Signal Quality
In true Elysia style, the MUSEQ is composed of discrete circuitry throughout. Original circuitry has been specially designed to deliver outstanding clarity. It constantly operates in permanent class-A mode, removing any crossover distortion and keeping the sound character wide, open and transparent.

Galvenās funkcijas
  • 100 percent discrete class-A - all discrete circuitry providing a constant wide, open and transparent sound
  • Active bandpasses with FETs – completely active filter stages for a truly musical EQ
  • Outer shelving filters – can be switched into high and low-pass filters with an additional resonance peak
  • Parallel filter design – use high and low-pass filters whilst leaving high and middle frequencies untouched
  • Warm mode – second switchable sound flavour with saturation
  • Pure transparency path – filter stages with current feedback amplifier stages results in outstanding sound quality
  • Boost/cut mode – generates twice the number of values to be set with the 23 step potentiometers
  • Switchable filter quality – filter quality can be switched from wide to narrow Q
  • Stepped and matched potentiometers – 23 steps, matched to build stereo pairs, precise recall is easy

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