Doepfer A-130 VCA Linear

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The A-130 is a VCA with linear characteristic, thus primarily intended for controlling the level of CVs. It offers two signal inputs and a output with adjustable volume. amplification is set with a Gain control and two modulation inputs.
Not only control voltages can be used to "open" the VCA and to let the inputs pass through, there is also a manual gain control. This is pretty handy when you want to modulate the VCA with a bi-polar voltage - just turn up the gain haf-way - this way you can use the CV's negative signal parts for closing the VCA. As the module has two signal inputs often you don't need a mixer before the VCA.
Platums 8HP
Dziļums 45 mm
Modular Power +20mA at +12V, -10mA at -12V
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