Doepfer A-100P9 Suitcase 3 x 3 HE PSU

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The Doepfer A-100P9 is a highly portable suitcase designed for accommodating a range of Eurorack modules. The A-100P9 Suitcase features three rows of space, with each row featuring 84HP of module space. It features a trilogy of integrated bus boards, each with 14 modular connectors, requiring only a single power supply. Its heavy-duty exterior is designed to protect your modules while on the move. The robust construction is comprised of aluminium and riveted corners for added strength. It also features a built in carry handle for added maneuverability as well as rubber feet on the bottom of the case for optimal stability when ready to play. The lid also deep enough to keep your system patched while on the move.
Galvenās funkcijas
  • Portable Suitcase For Eurorack Modules
  • Three Rows Of 84HP Module Space
  • 14 Modular Connectors
  • Deep Lid Allows For System To Stay Patched
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminium Exterior For Optimal Durability