Doepfer A-100P6 Suitcase 2 x 3 HE PSU

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The A-100 suitcases can be used vertical or horizontal, provided that a suitable support is used (not available from us, the mains inlet and the power switch have to remain accessible). The suitcases are equipped with 4 rubber feet on the bottom and rear side and a handle on the top. The A-100 suitcases are made of black wood with aluminium extrusions with the rail construction fixed to the other parts of the suitcase. The A-100P6 is not simply an empty wooden case that covers the standard 6HU frame but a completely independent construction that is not based on the 6U standard frame A-100G6. It is not possible to convert a A-100G6 into the suitcase version A-100P6. The portable 6U suitcase A-100P6 has the same usable space available as the metal basic frame A-100G6, i.e. 2 x 84 HP. The two bus boards and the standard power supply are mounted at the rear panel. Consequently the rear panel cannot be removed. The A-100 suitcases can be used to built in the A-100 Basic System 1 and 2. Please specify in your order if you want to have one of these systems built into a suitcase. Even the A-100 mini system can be built into the A-100P6. In this case the lower half of the suitcase has to be filled with blind panels or modules that are not included in the mini system.