Doepfer A-100MC Mini Case Raw (Black)

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The Doepfer A-100MC Mini Case is a robust, striking Eurorack modular case with an ultra-compact format. The A-100MC features a built-in A-100 miniature power supply/bus board, with a maximum current of 200mA at +/-12V, and 50mA at +5V. With a useable width of 32HP, the A-100MC is ideal for a set of four modules with widths of 8HP, which can easily be connected to the 4 bus connectors on the bus board. The A-100MC offers a maximum module depth of roughly 55mm in the left, and 85mm in the right. It provides astounding protection and portability for up to 4 of your modules, whilst maintaining a sharp and sleek aesthetic.
Galvenās funkcijas
  • A-100 miniature "beauty" case
  • Built-in A-100 miniature power supply/bus board (A-100MNT) with maximum current of 200mA at +/-12V, and 50mA at +5V
  • 32HP of useable width, perfect for four 8HP modules
  • 4 bus connectors (maximum of 4 modules)
  • Max module depth of 55mm in the left area due to power supply heat sinks
  • Max module depth of 85mm in the right area
  • Case handles are enclosed but not mounted, 3mm diameter holes must be drilled to mount the handle