Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)

  • Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)
  • Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)
  • Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)
  • Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)
  • Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)
  • Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)

Arturia Audiofuse USB Audio Interfeiss (Silver)

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Arturia AudioFuse is a revolutionary audio interface that sets a new standard in audio quality and workflow. Enjoy the superior sound of high-end studio consoles from a compact and carefully-built chassis. Explore the expansive connectivity AudioFuse brings: all the major connection types are supported. Take control over your sound and instantly access your audio streams through the well thought-out interface. This is AudioFuse. You are in command. You are free.

The Sound
To create a truly next-gen interface Arturia designed every element from the ground up. From the chassis to the convertors, the headphone connections to the DiscretePRO® preamps, every detail has been carefully chosen to give its owner the best possible experience.

No compromises, each element of the AudioFuse has been selected to perfectly serve your sound, using the set of state-of-the-art AD/DA converters to compliment the crystal clear signal path.

AudioFuse offers a host of connectivity options, from 4 analog inputs including two DiscretePRO® microphone preamplifiers, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF I/O, 2 RIAA phono preamps, 4 analog outputs (1/4" TRS), Word clock I/O, MIDI I/O, and even a 3-Port USB Hub for your dongles, hard drives, controllers… everything you need in one high quality audio interface. Connect your microphones, turntables, external analog equipment all at once. For the guitarist, AudioFuse also features re-amping, a feature which produces excellent results for the creative engineer.

Built around the idea that an interface should be a gateway to creativity, and not a barrier to it, AudioFuse puts heavy focus on “one knob, one function” workflow. If you need to activate talkback, press the button. Want to hear more of the input signal? Turn the knob. Need to switch monitors from A to B? Press a button. Want more level in one set of headphones? Not a problem, each one has its own volume knob. It’s like having your own mini-console on your desktop.

An interface that works with you
No matter how you create - in your studio on PC or Mac, on the move on a tablet or iPad, or even on a Linux machine, AudioFuse can handle it all. If you want unadulterated power at home, but a battery-saving low power mode for when you’re on the move, AudioFuse gives you 4 unique power modes - AudioFuse can be powered over USB. With best-in-class audio quality, all the connections you could dream of, carefully considered workflow, AudioFuse does it all.
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ArturiaAutorizēts izplatītājs

Dibināts 1999. gadā Grenoblē, Francijā, uzņēmums Arturia specializējas mūzikas programmatūras un aparatūras izstrādē gan profesionāļiem, gan iesācējiem. Uzņēmums jo īpaši koncentrējas uz inovācijām, nemitīgi cenšoties produktos integrēt savus sasniegumus digitālās mūzikas pētniecībā un tehnoloģijā. Arturia cieši sadarbojas ar partneru izpētes institūcijām, kā, piemēram, IRCAM France, lai izstrādātu augstas kvalitātes mūzikas instrumentus un programmatūras.

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